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To ensure the method ended up being accurate, we looked to Lovehoney’s community users

To ensure the method ended up being accurate, we looked to Lovehoney’s community users

—a populace of 60,000 both women and men whom review adult sex toys and talk about their sex lives in Lovehoney’s on line forum. These reports have actually user-submitted information regarding their owners, like their real genders, marital statuses and orientations that are sexual. By comparing my inferred genders to community members’ actual genders, I determined that 95percent of my coding efforts had been accurate and that the miscoded 5% were split pretty evenly between both women and men.

At this time, I happened to be willing to respond to initial and question that is simplest my variety of a lot more than one hundred. Which sex accounts for purchasing many adult sex toys? The clear answer is neither. Lovehoney’s client base is harmoniously split 50/50 between women and men.

That does not, nevertheless, imply that both women and men purchase the exact same things…

Just Just What Every physical body wants

T he average Lovehoney consumer spends only a little over six mins perusing ten pages of this web site. They spend ?35 (?14 on each item in their basket) when they place an order,. Guys on typical spend ?5.73 (19%) more per purchase than ladies. These numbers don’t consist of shipping costs, because distribution is free, although 1 in 5 clients chooses to pay for additional for next time distribution. Guys are a little keener than ladies to have their packages the following day: 23% of male clients choose the fast option, in comparison to 19% of females.

About 40percent of clients consist of guidelines along with their instructions in the event they aren’t in the home to get them, and 18.5percent of those records direct the postman to go out of the products in the home or flat door that is next. This may seem like a exemplary endorsement of lovehoney’s discreet packaging, or perhaps a indication that a substantial amount of their clients are receiving a whale of an occasion with regards to neighbors.